2nd March 2012 14:24
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Can I just say…

Lately we’ve been getting a bunch of lovely messages from followers (like seriously a TON, where did you all come from) thanking us for running this tumblr… I don’t know if someone famous promoted this blog, or people are suddenly discovering it for one reason or another, or if everyone’s just decided to be super nice this week, but any way it is, it’s really touching to see so much support and gratitude.

We’re not dedicating our lives to this or anything (for the most part we kind of let the queue run it for us… hahah), but we do love to make people laugh, so seeing these messages in the notes and reading what people have to say about this-or-that joke is really great. (I personally find it really amusing when a friend reblogs one graphic on my dashboard with tags like “fa;lskdfhawehasdf” or something.)

Basically, just keep up the wonderfulness! We’re really glad you like what we’ve been doing so far and we’ll keep, uh… being funny. Or try to, at any rate.

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