13th March 2012 21:26
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on DM, GX, 5D’s, and Zexal content

So recently I’ve discovered there’s a GX version of Texts from Fandom, Texts from Duel Academia! Along with promoting them I’d like to ask our lovely followers a question…

The idea here for “Texts from the Shadow Realm” was originally designed for the original YGO series, but we have, of course, been accepting ideas for the other series (GX, 5D’s, Zexal) when they trickle in. With the creation of this GX blog, it brings up the question of the content of this one: I believe people mainly expect DM content from this blog, so would people prefer us to keep having infrequent GX/5D’s/Zexal posts here, or would it be easier if there were individual blogs for each of the four shows (the creations of those are, of course, up for grabs for whoever wants to run them)?

This isn’t necessarily going to initiate or guarantee anything, but I’d just like to get some wheels turning if there is anybody interested in running their own blog like this, haha. (Not that anybody needed permission in the first place!) Sometimes I feel like I’m letting people down when I can whip up a DM graphic in seconds, yet when someone asks for a GX text between two characters, I have no idea where to even begin looking for a relevant scene. Anyway. Thoughts? Should we be strictly DM, or keep going as we have?

  1. jangmideul answered: Keep going. If no one else is doing it yet, then keep feeding all the fans. If there’s the ocassional 5d’s/zexal, no one should care.
  2. konungarike answered: In practice I guess it doesn’t really matter as I’d just follow them all, but I do have a thing against decentralization (sp?)…
  3. sephydark answered: I like the DM ones best, but having some from the other series can make a nice change sometimes.
  4. chriskaevil answered: I prefer the DM only ones. I dont get any of th eGX and forward ones because I stopped watching.
  5. tempest-dance answered: DM all the way.
  6. spookiyu answered: I like the way it is now. :) I mainly care about the original, but it’s nice to see the other stuff occasionally.
  7. pepperwright answered: I like the blog as a mix of all the series. I think its good the way it is
  8. lifeasanutshell answered: I like sticking to dm for this blog, but a few gx here and there isn’t that bad either.
  9. rhaithe answered: Original series/Duel Monsters only, plz.
  10. square-golike answered: I think it’d be a lot more simpler if there was just one blog that did all yugioh series. Then again, some don’t like GX and onwards. Eh…
  11. sparkle148 answered: I like it the way it is now :)
  12. chromaticsymphony answered: I like what you’ve got going now, I’d say keep the blog as it is. c:
  13. even-reo-speedwagon answered: There should be induvidual blogs for each show
  14. kawaiiprincesskirito answered: Maybe you could bring in help for the GX posts??
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